What sets apart the best from the rest? From March 2007 to October 2010, The privilege was acquired by me to work at Sea Island DRIVER as an associate golf professional. There are various great golf facilities to learn about the club professional business, but I cannot imagine there being a better spot to learn than Sea Island Golf Club, and I’m going to tell you why. But I am going to use the knowledge to show you also, in my opinion, what sets apart the best from the rest in not merely the golf business, but any business or business involving people.

With the knowledge 4 years behind me, Personally i think like am able to confidently and objectively harken back to those good ol’ times and clearly give an honest assessment of the experience. Situated on Saint Simons Island, Georgia, Sea Island Golf Club is a 54-hole private holiday resort golf club that is a part of the Sea Island Resort on Sea Island, Georgia, about one hour south of Savannah.

When I interviewed with the Director of Golf, Brannen Veal, I recall him advising me not to reach attached distinctly. It wasn’t long before I learned why he said that. My travels have required me to many places and the unique beauty and southern charm of Saint Simons Island and Sea Island Golf Club are unrivaled in the country.

I quickly found myself getting attached and not wanting to leave. It appeared to me that for associate experts, Sea Island Golf Club had not been a destination, rather it was an end along the way to something else. But if you’re not careful, you can certainly get complacent and want in which to stay this amazing place for the others you will ever have.

Rightfully so, the leadership there experienced ways to learn if you’re getting too comfortable, and if you are thought by them are, they’ll inform you on your own good. How come the Sea Island experience established from others aside? It generally does not hurt to try out on some amazing golf courses like the Seaside, Plantation, and Retreat courses or practice at the ocean Island Golf Performance Center which sits literally right beside the Atlantic Ocean.

It also doesn’t hurt to at least have the possibility to play Ocean Forest Golf Club or Frederica Golf Club. But the practice and playing privileges were only icing on the wedding cake. Here is why the ocean Island experience sets itself from others aside. When I there was, they expected to perhaps you have there for only 3 years. Within those 3 years, they heavily spend money on you. It’s not a passive investment where they just rely on the day-to-day nuances and activities and call it an “investment”. They spend money on you with intentionality, truthfully evaluating you and learning what your strengths and weaknesses are.

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They take the next phase by putting your strengths into play but also giving you the experience had a need to improve your weaknesses. In addition they take a look at every component of the golf procedure and assess how they can intentionally utilize it to help develop an assistant professional. Intentionality is key. Exactly what does this intentionality look like practically?

The merchandising operation is a multi-pro shop operation with outlets on the Lodge with the Retreat clubhouse. It really is a multi-million money operation and because it consists of more than one outlet, that powerful provides for unique issues to learn from. The Lodge Pro Shop was created by Ralph Lauren himself so you’re stepping into a place where the club is high.

Across the panel, the merchandising is careful with a higher level of focus on detail. Shirts need to be folded a very certain way, mannequins have to be presented in an exceedingly particular way. If you are not used compared to that, then you won’t understand it initially, but it will not take a long time before you begin to comprehend.