Who is a 261111 ICT Business Analyst? Hence, business experts must know the technology as well as business edges. To be able to be eligible for the ICT business analyst, applicants have to undergo a complete assessment of their educational certification and experience by the ACS (Australian Computer Society). The ANZSCO classifies Business Analysts under the work code of 261111. Applicants who conform to the ICT business analyst job description, roles and responsibilities can offer an evidence of their eligibility through RPL (recognition of prior learning). The business analyst role profile is not limited by one task or a single activity.

Hence, as the applicants prepare their RPL statement they must have the ability to deliver the actual fact they have involved themselves in several activities that fulfil the criteria of the ACS. 1. ACS ICT business experts are accountable for developing and applying technology systems that can improve the business procedures and increase revenue of a business. 2. They have to work on different duties related to task management, analyzing business needs, testing, quality assurance, and validating solutions.

3. They must have specialized skills that can fulfil certain requirements of the customers as well as the business. 4. They use data from different research to create efficient, cost-effective systems for a business. 5. They require eloquent communication skills, IT skills and problem-solving capabilities. They work with the users, gather and formulate all their requirements.

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1. They understand the formal business methods and the way the procedures work. 2. They identify any inefficiency in business practices. 3. They develop task plans and take care of the cost and sources of a project. Hence, an ICT business analyst should be well aware of the principles and methods of project management.

4. They conduct system assessments to ensure everything is working in accordance with the practical requirements. 5. They guide the programmers in developing the task and in taking several decisions about the project. 6. They become a way to obtain information to the users, software designers and the stakeholders. 7. They improve the efficiency and productivity of the business by innovating new IT solutions. As per the ANZSCO, the candidates must confirm with the ICT business analyst qualifications requirement. In the RPL record, the applicants must not only describe their roles and obligations as a business analyst but also needs to be able to explain how their educational qualifications have helped them in achieving their goals.

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