You know when people chuckle at the style industry for saying that ‘blue is the new black’ and because of its absurd amount of fawning over models, designers and so on? Is that different to IT really? We have our fashion houses – Google, Facebook, Apple. I’d say the comparison goes even deeper however. They are all integration approaches. The true point is that the long-term challenge is the same, system to system integration, yet we have fad-centered methods to solve that challenge. Its like the fashion dress and industry lengths, it goes up and down, but its still a dress.

The real difference in IT however is that the fashion industry will this better sure the hem is changed by them, but it works as a dress still. No because we are followers of fashion. This analogy to fashion applies to the age discrimination in IT, we love the sparkly and young, and age discrimination against new entrants is wonderfully not present.

The experts and vendors are the Vogue and Fashion Houses nowadays, the driving of the new as the ‘must have’ technology and dire warnings if you dare to actually make the old stuff work. The focus on the clothing (the technology product) and little about how it actually works in the real-world (operations).

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  • December 13, 2019

You know when you see clothes at London, New York, Milan, or Paris fashion weeks been proven on the news under the ‘what madness do designers think we will wear next’ section. Is that so different from an analyst or supplier pushing a fresh technology without detailing in any way how it’ll fit into the procedures of your current business?

SQL as the strategy, now that they’ve realized people can operate their technology if they do this. The ultimate place I’ll discuss IT and fashion is within the ‘rebadging’ that people see. In the fashion industry you observe old ideas rehashed and pushed down the catwalk to be ‘vintage’.

In IT we don’t have even the integrity of the style industry, what we should do is to see a new trend and declare that old technology are actually part of this new development. We’ll take a vintage EAI tool and slap with an SOA logo, we’ll have a hub and spoke broker and call it an ESB. IT and the fashion industry are miles aside in lots of ways, however the faddish nature of our industries make us virtually identical.

The problem is that fashion is allowed to be faddish, it’s not expected that a business will rely on something made 20 years ago but with IT this faddish behavior is a huge problem. As the new stuff didn’t do the job. IT needs to stop being like the style industry and similar to the aircraft manufacturing industry, sure they have ‘fads’ as an all composite airplane, but that is based on sound data as well as proper vision. Its not just predicated on it being the actual cool kids do.

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