Chesterfield County, Virginia is a flourishing, affluent suburban community situated in the Richmond, Virginia metropolitan area. Chesterfield is regarded for its primary mid-Atlantic location and a robust economy. It’s a great spot to start or grow a business! The climate in Chesterfield is business friendly. We’ve a very competitive business environment and an area government focused on financial development.

We offer superb commercial and commercial sites, like Meadowville Technology Park. And we’ve an educated work force ready to devote a day’s work for a day’s pay. We likewise have a well-designed and developed infrastructure in place. On top of that, we have a good and competitive tax structure with attractive incentives to help you get started. Chesterfield is a superb location for an array of businesses. Our sites are well-positioned to provide data centers especially, advanced production, and food-handling operations.

Chesterfield is also a perfect location for large distribution facilities. The great quantity of certified labor and the county’s standard of living have been key factors in attracting production companies and corporate and business headquarters. We invite you to find out more about our vibrant business community. Browse the latest business news or announcements.

As a society, we have long overlooked the fundamental role our compassion instinct performs in defining our character and behavior. We have bought into a popular narrative that seeks to explain all our behavior through the prism of competition and self-interest. This is the whole tale we have been informing about ourselves.

The thing in regards to a story like this is that it tends to be self-fulfilling. When our story says that we are at heart selfish and intense creatures, we believe that every man is for himself. On this “dog eat dog world” it is logical, then, to see others as a source of rivalry and antagonism. Therefore we relate to others with apprehension, fear, and suspicion, of fellow feeling and a feeling of connection instead. By contrast, if our story says that we are social creatures endowed with instincts for compassion and kindness, which as interdependent beings our welfare is intertwined deeply, this totally changes the way we view-and behave in-the world.

So the stories we inform about ourselves do matter, profoundly so quite. Today several forces are converging that indicate that compassion’s time has come. Findings from diverse fields-primate studies, child development mindset, neuroscience, new economics-show that we are not simply self-seeking and competitive animals, but we are nurturing and cooperative beings as well.

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This provides us hope. I ago remember years, at one of your brain and Life Dialogues at his residence in India, the Dalai Lama threw challenging to the researchers who have been present. “You scientists,” he said, “have done an amazing job mapping the pathologies of the human mind. But you have done little if any work on the positive qualities like compassion, let alone their prospect of cultivation.

Contemplative customs, on the other hands, have developed ways to train our mind and enhance the positive qualities like compassion. So why not use your powerful tools to study the results of these contemplative methods now? Those were prophetic words, as the impressive story of mindfulness demonstrates. In the past decade or so, NIH grants related to mindfulness-based treatment studies have increased exponentially, to the tune of tens of huge amount of money. The Dalai Lama’s explicit advocacy for adapting Buddhist-based mental training methods for the secular world in addition has played a significant part in raising knowing of the advantages of mindfulness.