Hello, from Long Lane honey Bee Farms. We are David and Sheri Burns. We specialize in making beekeeping for beginners as simple as possible. Today, our lesson targets Beginners: 4 Tips. Then, our next lesson will be, “What Did My Bees Die From? With just a little 5-calendar year-old child, Christmas at our house is special always.

We loved having family and friends over, eating delicious food, a candle light service, presents given and received and enough time off to relax. We hope all went well for you this Yuletide season. Sheri and I rain up to Chicago to pick up our Marine boy, Seth, who flew home for Christmas.

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Seth is out at Camp Pendleton, Month California and will graduate from the institution of Infantry later next. Seth’s Military Occupation Specialty is a rifleman in the infantry. Our prayers go out to all or any of our service people and their families. Tomorrow, I’m getting excited about teaching an exclusive bee class. I used to be asked by a family group to instruct a beginner’s course at their home to relatives and buddies interested in beekeeping. The quantity is currently up to around 20!

While we offer most of our classes here at our honey bee farm, we are always open to travel and offer a class in your area. Whether it’s the beginners, advance or queen-rearing class, call us and we may come to your area or local bee club. You can expect beekeeping classes, bees, and equipment.

We’re on the telephone all day talking to current and prospective beekeepers. So many people call us and say, “I found your site and we’re interested in starting out in beekeeping”. We live for phone calls like this. We want to share our love and enthusiasm for bees with you. For 2013 we’ll have significantly more experienced beekeepers available to take your calls. We’ve also increased our creation of hives which should indicate faster order fulfillment.

We work hard to encourage more people to be new beekeepers, and we want to thank our customers who talk about us with others. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a certified grasp beekeeper on the other end of the phone or email once you experienced a question. I began my new regular membership program and associates are caring it. Beekeepers throughout the national country have jumped up to speed. We’ve room to get more still.