The stores weren’t abusing the alcoholic beverages laws, the town simply doesn’t control state liquor licenses and the city council is upset at their insufficient authority. They transferred this law solely to drive Asian businesses from the area by halting them from protecting themselves and their businesses passively with bullet evidence glass. It makes absolutely no sense other than ways to terrify business owners into departing. Philly’s war on the stop-and-go dates to at least 2004 back, when Council and the Asian American Licensed Beverage Association of Philadelphia agreed to reforms that would clean up the business model.

Store owners, regarding Bass, decided to hire their own security guards, take alcohol management training programs, and stop the sale of drug-related paraphernalia such as glass stemware and rolling papers. But the city has little sway with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, which holds the reins on restaurant liquor licenses.

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Council’s contract with AALBA wasn’t legally binding for store owners. And over the entire years, according to news reviews, even booze-selling delis hit with multiple code violations by the PLCB experienced little trouble renewing their restaurant liquor licenses. So Bass re-upped the combat with a concentrate on nuisance complaints. She proceeded to go after them for non-compliance about seats and portion food. Bass pitched an incident that bulletproof glass was an indignity and a glaring indication of mistrust of African Americans. Others agreed, despite the proliferation of such protective glass in other businesses all around the city. But observers say the issue highlighted an extended tradition of anti-black sentiment with which Asian Americans have their own struggle.

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