We just returned from IMATS NY. As you can plainly see from the video below of individuals waiting to get in to Pier 94, the show was loaded! Because this show is a mixture of industry pros AND beauty enthusiasts, it is a superb barometer for what’s hot right now. At the Mehron booth products were flying off the racks.

Here are a few of the top sellers that you might need to get the hands on. Metallic Powders Metallic makeup is constantly on the make waves this season. It is a great way to instantly brighten up the face – and you can take it as delicate or daring as you prefer. Swipe it over the lid, use it as a liner, put together your Cupid’s bow.

Our Metallic Powder hues provide options for all your moods – Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Rose Gold, and Lavender. We sold out of our Rose Lavender and Yellow metal tones. Wear Metallic Powder alone for a sheer color or combine with Mixing Liquid for the intense color of real metals. The Mixing Liquid combo is incredibly popular for lip art.

Since benzoyl peroxide only gets rid of about 2/3 of your acne (after about a month, new acne form about as fast as old pimples heal), you may want to use a concealer. This Proactiv product claims to hide acne while helping them heal with the charged power of sulfur.

The US Food and Drug Administration have approved this 6% sulfur product for use as an over-the-counter treatment for acne. The problem with this Proactiv product is comparable to the problems with Advanced Blemish Treatment, in that sulfur can aggravate the skin. The sulfur also provides makeup a grainy finish which could call even more focus on your pimples than the odd orange, peach, and red tones used in the concealer. This product unfortunately cannot be recommended for anyone who has acne. Proactiv says that its Repairing Treatment is a light and oil-free lotion containing “finely milled prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide” that you can use over your entire face.

22 for 2 oz/56 grams, the product is a relative bargain set alongside the Proactiv Advanced Blemish Treatment. And even though it includes just 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, the minimum amount of the acne-fighting ingredient approved by the united states FDA, it is likely to eliminate just as many pimples and blackheads with a complete lot less skin irritation.

  • High SPF
  • Washing that person more often will help clear up acne
  • Hair: Luciano Hair
  • Like me or hate me, I’d be this pretty
  • “In the Summer” – Nizar Qabbani
  • Touch : loss of sensors on the extremities and the face

What makes benzoyl peroxide “prescription quality,” by the way, is not how finely it is milled. A number of products offer benzoyl peroxide microspheres that release tiny amounts of the chemical substance into the skin pores gradually, to kill bacteria without causing irritation enough. The process of earning microspheres involves combinations of chemicals, not additional grinding of the merchandise.

Although top quality as “body” pads, this Proactiv product is really a salicylic acid peel designed for use in dealing with acne on the face. The pads contain the right amount of salicylic acid at the right pH to break up the “glue” that retains the dead pores and skin cells jointly to clog skin pores.

The problem with the product is it also contains alcohol, which can dry out pores and skin and create more lifeless epidermis cells still, and witch hazel, which can shrink skin pores as quickly as salicylic acidity opens them. 28 for each 2.5 oz/70 gram tube) which has some potentially annoying ingredients. The primary ingredient in this face mask is kaolin, the sterile clay used to make “mud packages.” Proactiv adds 6% sulfur to the mask, but offsets the potentially drying ramifications of the kaolin with the addition of flaxseed essential oil (linoleic acid).