Almost 27 weeks in! After almost a month (24 days) at sea we are back finally! It passed very quick in all honesty, much quicker I quickly thought 24 days on the water living on the carrier 24/7 would go anyway. Discuss your daily behaviors and routines!

Groundhog day nearly every day but to be Frank, I love routine and structure, always have and it’s likely why I like this job and had taken the gig in the first place! OK, OK, where am I now and what’s new right? Currently I have got all my improvements and stats in since it was almost impossible to get good pictures, an accurate weight, or any body comp data at sea. As of this morning I am 203lbs and 11% body fat based on my regular range and BIA handheld device.

I lost about 3lbs while at sea, which for me is not bad at all! I am going to also note I am getting my quarterly dunk container test done today to see where I truly lie on your body composition progress since Jan 4th this year. I then reference that to my BIA device to gauge the difference in the two for better precision by myself when I really do weekly measures. I am going to post up my results when I’ve them.

I have added 2 new supplements to my daily regimen since we got back as well. That is together with my all year round product stack of Dymatize brand Creatine/Glutamine/Pursuit/Recoup. Its purity tested and third party validated to contain the actual label says so that much I like! The Alpha is for a few basic T support which can NEVER hurt a guy’s goals and objectives in and beyond your gym so why not right? My initial meal back again on last the night we pulled in and got let off was at one of my favorite downtown 24-hour places.

The only 24-hour place in downtown San Diego actually. Brians24 Bar and Grill. They all know me by first name I go frequently. I got the “Giant Triple Decker Turkey Club” with house potatoes. This thing was amazing, let me leave it at that just! Not necessarily had that chance to hit the store yet to shop and fill my now empty cupboards and fridge.

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  • What about macro ratios? I read somewhere that I should have 40/40/20
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Really should do that today so I can get back to the kitchen magic and my good DIY eats! Day today Hitting up lower body deadlift pull. Did epic chest muscles push day yesterday back at 24-hour Fitness Balboa and it rocked to be back in like normal! I have my leads to from today’s quarterly dunk tank test and I had formed to post them up for all to see! Down 5% bodyfat yet up almost 15lbs lean muscle! That’s 13 weeks of progress baby!

Symptoms: loss of appetite, night blindness, lack of smell, enlarged prostate gland, abdominal problems, hair loss, muscle wasting, calf cramps, slow tissues healing, brittle bone fragments, poor bloodstream clotting, high bloodstream sugar. Mary Purcell is a freelance health insurance and writer researcher in Piedmont, Calif., with expertise in policy analysis. She’s a master’s level in Latin American studies from Georgetown University.

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