From hashtags and pinned tweets to Twitter lists and public mass media influencers, there’s a lot to Twitter. With all the right marketing plan, businesses may use the platform to produce successful social mass media campaigns to increase sales, boost brand identification and increase customer support. Twitter is social mass media and online news platform where people communicate in short text messages – up to 240 character types long – called tweets.

Founded in 2006, Twitter is currently one of the most popular social mass media platforms in the global world. It’s currently ranked No. 8 in America and No. 13 internationally, according to internet analytics company Alexa. Whether you’re new to Twitter or want to begin using the platform to boost your business, here’s all you need to know about it.

Editor’s be aware: Need social media marketing services for your business? Utilize the questionnaire below to be connected with our merchant partners, who can offer a personalized strategy and pricing for your business. There are six parts to a profile – a Twitter handle Twitter, a username, profile picture, bio, header image and pinned tweet. All these elements should work cohesively to generate an accurate representation of your business.

Your Twitter deal with is your @name and it is your identifier on Twitter. It could have up to 15 individuals and really should help people find your business easily. Your profile photo should visually represent your business and brand. Your profile photo is displayed on your profile and in every tweet you post. For your bio, you have 160 character types to describe your business.

Include information such as where you are, business hours and a web link to your website. The header image behind your profile picture can be used to highlight promotions, events, or news about your business. Lastly, your pinned tweet is the first tweet people see when they visit your profile. You can change your pinned tweet whenever you want.

Twitter. When you select a hashtag, Twitter automatically searches for other Tweets with the hashtag. This makes it easy for individuals to follow events and topics. Bookmarks: In February 2018, Twitter introduced Bookmarks. This button gives you to save tweets you want to look at later. That is particularly helpful if you would like to read an article or watch a video but don’t have time at the current moment.

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Like other social mass media websites, the at image is utilized to label or mention other users. Block: You can block other accounts on Twitter. If you block an account, they can’t follow you, add you to Twitter lists, or see your tweets. Additionally you won’t see their tweets. Direct text messages (DM): You’ll often listen to people refer to direct communications as DMs.

This option gives you to privately speak to someone individually. If a person has another question, you can be asked by them via a DM. There is absolutely no character limit on DMs, which means you can respond using as many characters as you will need. However, if someone you don’t follow text messages you, their message will show up in the “requests” folder. You can change this in your configurations. Follow: When you follow a merchant account, you’re subscribing to them. You follow someone Once, you’ll see their tweets in your timeline. Followers: Twitter users who follow you and see your tweets in their timeline.

Trending topics: You can see current trending topics on your Twitter website in the developments box on the left-hand aspect. Home timeline: Your timeline displays the tweets and retweets of the individuals you follow as well as advertised tweets. Like: You can just like a tweet by pressing the heart symbol under the tweet.