It is time for another Q&A program with Dividend Warrior! In this post, I shall clarify how I were able to build-up my dividend stock portfolio. It is gonna be considered a long post. During my NS days, I served in a stay-in device, so I could save up a few thousand dollars. During my undergraduate days, I did so some part-time tuition to support myself. I were able to save up just a little.

I was bonded so the government paid my college fees. I graduated from University in 2008 and began work immediately with no education loans. My starting take-home pay was decent, around 3k/month. I began conserving like mad because I originated from a low-income family and I really want to achieve financial freedom as soon as possible. I am sick and tired of being poor within my teenage and youth years.

Since young, my parents have explained horror stories about the stock market. They told me individuals were committing suicide credited to currency markets losses. I had been informed by them to place my money in a bank-account and earn interest from it. Therefore, I was so glad that I was safe and sound when the sub-prime crisis hit the world in 2008 year end. I was having my snacks and watching the carnage from the sideline as Lehman Brothers collapsed and AIG was on the verge of collapsing too. Banks were getting bailouts.

  • Pay Off Student Loan Debt
  • 10% Vanguard Small-Cap Value ETF (VBR)
  • AWS or Google Cloud qualification (especially the Certified Solutions Architect track in AWS)
  • Enabling traders to manage capital gains
  • TN Vanguard Intermediate-Term Investment-Grade Fund (Admiral Shares)
  • Securities And Investment Analysis
  • 29 Regs. Sec. 1.1361-1(l)(4)(ii)
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The stock markets were crashing hard. In ’09 2009, the US car industry would collapse too. The H1N1 virus struck the global world. Governments all around the world were endeavoring to pump money to their dying economies desperately. People were losing their jobs. Global markets reached a bottom. 50k. I also received my first pay increment and reward. Being cash-rich, I felt good about myself.

However, there was a problem. The inflation rate (4% – 6%) was increasing way beyond the almost non-existent bank interest rates. My money was dropping value fast! I started to look for alternative investment products from the banks. I went to UOB and got myself an insurance-investment product. This product will pay me 6% over a period of 6 years, capital guarded. The product was a mixed work between UOB and NTUC. 50k hard-earned savings involved with it. I continuing my hardcore conserving habit. No vacations, no car, no house, single.

I started reading financial websites, forums, websites and books. All these finally triggered my first foray into the stock market. Starhub was my initial stock. My mother almost strangled me to death upon knowing my investment. But I held to my belief. It was known by me was risky, but I experienced the dividend trading method really suits me.

My purpose is to look for quality dividend stocks and shares and REITs for steady unaggressive income. Between 2010 and 2012, there have been japan Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Euro and fallout Debts Turmoil/Drama/Saga. I kept adding, building up and tweaking my stock portfolio during dips. I believe my portfolio has finally stabilised this year. I am satisfied with the performance of my core holdings. I am so pleased I started with this dividend investing trip. 50k in ’09 2009 to buy more dividend shares. This experience taught me to be “Greedy when others are Fearful”. 50k plan will be maturing in 2014. So, that is something to look forward to. I am going to make investments half and save the others probably.

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