Are you wondering why nobody is buying your art from your designer website? In this post, you shall discover 4 errors artists make on the website that might be affecting their sales. Disclaimer: Please note that a few of the links on this post are affiliate links and will be obviously marked as so. I will earn a small commission when you get a product or service from an affiliate link at no extra cost to you which supports the expenses of working Nevue Fine Art Marketing. I will only recommend products I have used, found helpful to my business, and are companies I trust.

Learning steps to make a designer website is the first rung on the ladder an artist requires when they determine they would like to sell original artwork online. The second step is to learn what makes a good artist website that will motivate visitors to purchase your products. The best way to learn why being a good designer website is by learning what other people are doing. Make an effort to put into action the strategies that have shown to work to them and don’t repeat their mistakes.

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Start by performing a seek out Fine Artist Websites or Best Artist Websites 2017 (or the present year). The websites that your quest does not have to be from performers who create the same style of art you create. Learn from all creative individuals who are selling their products online. In this post, I’ve narrowed down 4 mistakes artists make on their website that have an effect on their sales.

It is safe to state that if a marketing plan is no longer working for other artists it will not do the job. Go throw the 4 mistakes outlined below and make any necessary adjustments to your musician website. Before we discuss the 4 errors artists make on their website lets discuss what really matters. The most important thing that will have an effect on your sales is traffic. Your concentrate should be learning how to operate a vehicle traffic to your site.

You can not sell your artwork if nobody visits your musician website. How do you drive traffic to your musician website? Content is what will drive traffic to your site. The web is made from the content and if you would like visitors to know that you can be found you will need to produce a lot of content that individuals will be thinking about.

Does your website come with an artist blog? Your site would be the gas that drives your target audience (individuals who are thinking about your creative style) to your internet site. I am the first one to let you know that it will take time for your art blog to develop but with hard work, you will notice some eye-opening results.