Working capital is the life blood and nerve center of business. Working capital is very necessary to maintain even running of a business. No business can run successfully without a sufficient amount of working capital. Working capital helps to operate the continuing business smoothly without any financial problem for making the payment of short-term liabilities. Purchase of raw materials and payment of salary, wages, and overhead can be made without any delay. Adequate working capital helps in maintaining solvency of the business enterprise by giving uninterrupted flow of production.

Sufficient working capital enables a small business concern to make quick payments and hence assists with creating and maintaining goodwill. Goodwill is improved because all current liabilities and operating expenses are paid on time. A firm having adequate working capital, high solvency and good credit rating can set up loans from banks and finance institutions in favorable and easy terms.

Quick payment of credit purchase of recyclable ensures the regular supply of recyclables from suppliers. Suppliers are satisfied by the payment promptly. It ensures a regular supply of raw materials and continuous creation. Working capital is really a full life blood of any business organization which maintains the firm in well condition. Any day to day financial requirement can be met without any shortage of fund. All expenses and current liabilities are paid on time. Adequate working capital allows a firm to face business turmoil in emergencies such as unhappiness.

2.Political interventions and environment one way or the other generally affects the business environment. 3.The Legal environment also impacts the business environment. 4. Economic factors like, Inflation, interest on loans, exchange rate systems. Explain what the microenvironment is running a business studies? What exactly are the three sub-environment of the business?

Components of exterior-business environment? Components of an exterior business environment include, competitors and government regulations. Both of these factors can make or break a continuing business. What’s supposed by the continuing business Environment? Business Enviroment means a person can put or have a business in a controlled environment and there will be not interactions like ducks quacking or people smoking.

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In this hundred years technology is advancing and in virtually any real business technology has been used increasingly more. Companies are starting to use the cell phone for communication with employees. They have computer systems. Some have vehicles to take these two places for work routines even. Today They are essential for keep up with the world.

However, using this technology at the job raises a whole great deal of moral issues. Because people use technology a lot, the managers do not know when the employee is abusing the access of these technologies share with them to complete their tasks at work. At work cell phones receive out for communication for work.

Employees or even managers can easily see this as a moral issue because companies can have these phones monitored. The censored mobile phone can keep tabs on phone calls being made, text messages being received and delivered, and they can even record the managers or employees tone of voice discussions also. Whoever is given the censored mobile phone may think this is invading their privacy. As well computers are tracking the employee’s and manager’s activities to different websites and may also sometimes monitor emails sent and received.