I spend my times working as a attorney and my evenings and weekends masquearding as a beauty blogger. I’m a Londoner born and bred.I’m a desi/brown/Indian lady who “does” makeup. This blog is where I articulate (read ramble) about all sorts of beauty/haircare/skincare/perfume products that happen to catch my eyes.

I talk about both the good and the bad and why I like or dislike them. A combination is experienced by me of reviews, product swatches, my studies, and tribulations (to see what I did so there?) with eyes make program and my never-ending goal to have the ability to apply liquid eyeliner in a satisfactory manner.

Then we’ve my family articles.Very little knowledge can be gleaned from these, but they show the inner workings of my mind. As your blog is “Desi Girl Does Makeup”, I’m in the process of creating up a dedicated section which targets Indian makeup and skincare. This section will hopefully concentrate on products that can be found on the Indian market (both products available in India and in the Indian supermarkets over here). You can also tweet me (@rhamnousia84)!

I likewise have a separate a swatch section (The Swatch Files). This came into being because I was growing more and more frustrated with being struggling to find swatches of products on the darker skintone therefore I decided to begin my own. I love makeup and copious amounts of other things (toffee and Blackadder featuring highly on that list). I’m also presently in love with scented candles, bronze, and liquid blushers. What’s this website all about? Take a cursory read and you’ll see the things I discuss. My blog includes a combination of products that I’ve either purchased myself or have been delivered by PR bods.

It functions as a nourishing moisturizer for excessive dry pores and skin that also helps in restoring broken cells and stimulates the regeneration of new cells. The avocado facial mask is a superb way to hydrate your skin and supply your skin layer with great nutrients. Take out the paste of fifty percent of avocado.

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  • ½ lemon squeezed in water
  • Do not try to apply a cream or liquid concealer over a powder foundation. It’ll just cake up
  • Purchase Product as Skin Type
  • CALM – a Lavender Pear mix for soothing, comforting results to destress and better rest. 2 oz
  • Promotes Unhealthy Ideals

In a bowl, add avocado paste, an egg white from an egg, a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of milk. Mix well to obtain an easy paste and apply this firming cover up on the throat wrinkles and let it sit for 30 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm drinking water. Incorporate avocado neck wrinkle mask in your daily beauty regimen to help diminish the appearance of vertical and horizontal neck of the guitar lines and stop more from forming. Coconut dairy has benefits for your skin. Coconut dairy has high levels of Vitamin C and Copper that reduce wrinkles on throat and improve pores and skin elasticity.

You can apply some fresh homemade coconut milk and massage your neck for three to five minutes to eliminate deep lines and wrinkles on the neck. You can even make a firming throat cover up for removing deep throat creases. For preparing this neck wrinkle removal mask, ground almonds of about 1/8th cup. Add few drops of dense coconut dairy and the extracted vitamin E oil to the almond paste and mix well.