Recently I had formed a client who experienced a stye in her eyes. She is a client that regularly has eyelash extensions done as well as uses Latisse to enhance her eyelashes. The event of the stye incident was very alarming if you ask me as her skin care professional making me want to further educate myself, visitors and customer concerning this trend.

What I found out was that styes generally are quite common and they are typically contracted by the staphylococcal bacterias that normally lives on your skin, in the mucus in the sinus cavity and the throat. What causes a stye is a oil gland that becomes blocked by dead epidermis cells and other particles. The other causes of styes can be stress. According to Troy Bedinghaus, O.D. The end result is make sure that your eyelash expansion professional is knowledgeable, is and authorized experienced in applying extensions. Additionally it is very important that your hygiene and the hygiene of the salon is clean and safe.

An Anti-inflammatory and analgesic willow bark, yucca, arnica merge a balancing nutrient enriched sea algae foundation with analgesic, anti-spasm balm leaf, basil, ginger, jasmine and cistus essential oils. Use: Like a preparation for, or carrying out a hard workout or as needed on sore muscles areas, joints and feet. Refresh Aloe Replenishing Cleanser A gentle aloe and herbal anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory cleanser with key proteins, minerals and vitamins that leaves skin clean, hydrated & replenished. Use: For makeup removal pre-moisten epidermis with tepid drinking water, lather cleanser in hands, therapeutic massage into epidermis with light upwards pressure circular movements, wash thoroughly with splashes of tepid water, cool water splash then, pat dried out.

Restore Clean Skin Cleanser A refining sugars cane, citrus, apple and green tea extract cleanser to carefully clean, exfoliate, balance and restore oily, acne, or blemished epidermis and improve cell turnover. Use: Pre-moisten skin with tepid drinking water, lather cleanser in hands, massage into skin with light upwards pressure circular movements, rinse thoroughly with splashes of tepid drinking water followed by cold water splash – pat dry. Use: For makeup removal pre-moisten epidermis with tepid drinking water, lather cleanser in hands, massage into pores and skin with light upwards circular motions, rinse with tepid water splash completely, followed by cold water splash, pat dry.

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Final cleansing and epidermis refreshers. Restore Clean Skin Astringent A refreshing, restorative mix to control bacteria & free-radicals, enhance cell turnover & smooth fine pores and skin lines. A gentle willow bark extract, lavender & rosemary hydrosol blend for use as needed for dry / chapped or oily / acne or blemished skin.

Use: After cleansing – follow with toner, spray & swab overall or as place blemish treatment – fet dry, then moisturize. Renew Helichrysum Repair Toner A Scintillatingly delightful anti-aging toner supporting cellular repair, regeneration & moisture retention enhancement. Aloe Vera base reverse skin discomfort, promote fine skin line smoothing, lifting and youthful build.

Use: As desired after cleaning, as a makeup final or spot treatment, let dried out, then moisturize. Refresh Cucumber Hydrating Masque A calming cucumber hydration & anti-microbial cleansing face mask that reduces irritation, aids in mobile repair & limits epidermal water loss. Everyday use counters & protects against environmental stress, pollutants, dehydration & the consequences of sun exposure. Use: Apply moderately to face and neck massage therapy into epidermis with light upwards circular motions, leave 5-10 min., pat with moist towel & tepid water rinse, pat dry. Restore French Lavender Masque A deep pore easy green clay & lavender cleansing cover up to detoxify, purify & balance epidermis.

Bi-weekly to clarify oily pores and skin & acne areas, promote cell renewal & protect against free radical harm, photo maturity and UV stress. Use: Massage generously to face and neck of the guitar, massage into epidermis with light upwards circular movements, leave 1-15 min. Renew Ylang Ylang Hydrating Masque A nutrient-rich Ylang Ylang and Rose hydration & antioxidant cover up which protects against free-radical harm. Everyday use facilitates mobile turnover, collagen regeneration and inflammation reduction.