After failing to find love on The Bachelor, Hannah Brown is getting preparing to ‘unleash the beast’ within the Bachelorette. Season-old Alabama-born beauty queen appears on the Monday The 24, March 18 bout of Ellen, where she discussed her journey over the Bachelor also. My journey for the Bachelor was interesting,’ Brown began. There have been moments where I did so not think this would happen, but I believe the reason I’m here is because I was real.

I was myself and I showed every part myself,’ Brown added. Share ‘My heart broke for him, even though he too broke my heart, he’s a good human and has a good heart,’ Brown added. Being real: ‘There were moments where I did so not think this would happen, but I believe the reason I’m here’s because I used to be real. The fence jump Even, that was teased as this dramatic thing, it was real, and it was natural,’ she added.

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But I must say I tried to stay in my own lane, it didn’t always work out,’ Brown added, before handling her ‘alter-ego,’ dubbed The Beast. I can’t wait around, actually, to unleash the beast on some jabroni,’ Brown said, before handling what she’s looking for in a spouse. I know I’m young, but I would not have eliminated with this show easily hadn’t really thought about what was by the end of the ‘ Brown said.

She added that her ideal man has ‘got to be good looking,’ and has to also be a ‘good human. But ultimately, I want at the end of this for them to know me,’ she added. The Bachelorette also performed a casino game of ‘Who COULD YOU Rather’ with Ellen, where she revealed which of two famous bachelors she’d rather be with. I believe I like people who appear to be they haven’t bathed, but smell like they have,’ Brown added. She selected Cooper over country music superstar Luke Bryan also, Ryan Gosling, Chris Pine, Idris Elba, and Channing Tatum. Monday The Bachelorette with Hannah Dark brown debuts, May 15 on ABC.

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