One of the most regular questions I get asked is how I acquired into doing what I do, what art school I went to, and how I have the ability to earn a living at being an artist. I get email messages from artwork students all over the national country who ask me this.

In our culture and many more, artists hold a special place in culture and are worshipped as almost supernatural beings. As a designer, I am constantly respected for what I really do. At the same time, the idea you need to be someone really special to be an artist gets the aftereffect of discouraging many folks from making art a career.

Creating art is normally viewed as a hobby, or something one does privately when not working at a “real” job. People are fascinated and intrigued when they meet somebody who is a full-time artist, and always wish to know what my key is. I don’t have a secret, but I really wish I had supernatural powers.

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I always wanted to be a musician when I was raised, and I thought I would be considered a painter. I started painting while it is at diapers still, and that appeared to be where my skill lay. I went to a high college on the east coastline that had an excellent artwork program for students who had been planning on going to art school. At the right time, I thought artwork school was the only place that could show me the way to an artist’s life.

In the finish, after moving myself to California and spending a few years going out on the beaches of Santa Cruz, I skipped art school in favor of a degree in another subject that fascinates me, Anthropology. Two words that should not collectively go? Okay, I really do have a secret, and this is it: If you wish to be an artist for a living, work for another artist who is doing what you want to do.

There is no artist that I understand that doesn’t need some kind of help in their studio. If you learn how to work and arrive when you say you’re going to show up, call up a professional artist right, and get yourself hired now. 35,000 a year tuition at art school!

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