Ok so I’ve acquired challenges with my pores and skin for ages. All Vibrant Skin vitamins. 13 at Target. They’ve made a HUGE difference in my own skin. EASILY omit a day, it shows. Simple, but very important. Each day Make an effort to drink a gallon of drinking water. Skin care routine. So I did invest in some products that I think are worth it.

Tarte’s Drink of H2O moisturizer has been key, and so has their Knockout tingling treatment. 40 a piece, but they last FOREVER. Neutragena’s Light Therapy spot treatment pen. It helps with little problem areas that pop-up! Vick’s Vapor Rub. Hear me out on this one. There is something in Vick’s that is actually anti-inflammatory.

It will not clog your skin pores. And it can help moisturize. I drool A LOT (I did Smile Direct Club and my nighttime retainers make it difficult to close my mouth area completely), therefore I have a tendency to breakout around my mouth. I put Vicks on the area every night and it generates a barrier against new drool (or so gross), and it treats anything that ‘s there.

Oxy Wipes. They’re very cheap and they are great for on the go. The morning I take advantage of them in, and easily workout in the center of the day I always wipe my face with one later on to get the sweat off. Steam facials. Fill a dish with hot water and set it on the table. Sit down, bend your head over it, cover your mind and the bowl with a towel. Let the hot water steam ya out.

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