No other agency spent some time working so tirelessly to push the boundaries of modeling and fashion. If this weren’t enough in itself, Storm has been successful in changing how an agency’s role is perceived. Recognizing that opportunities come in every size and shapes, Storm has gone further (and faster) by extending the shelf-life of its models, by working with them to create new and lucrative opportunities.

Agency founder Sarah Doukas, after doing work for another company for seven years, decided to risk everything and setup her own modeling agency. After impressing Richard Branson with her business acumen, she secured the financial support to make Storm a reality. In 1987, operating from a little house in Battersea, Storm was open up for business. Sarah Doukas was clear on how she wanted Storm to differ from other firms.

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  • 250 ml Boiled (cooled) Water
  • 2 years back from Brazil
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  • Hand & Foot Care
  • Knowledge Deficit: about treatment and care at home

Her aim was to start the first UK-based modelling agency that symbolized new talent she’d uncovered herself. It was this concept that underpinned the entire business. Luckily for Storm, Doukas guaranteed a reputation on her behalf capability to identify a face soon. Not any face just, but that one-in-a-million, unforgettable face. Walking through a fresh York airport terminal in 1988, Sarah spotted a girl on her behalf way home after a family group holiday. The lady was Kate Moss, which discovery single-handedly ensured Storm’s survival in an ultra-competitive industry. Doukas lucky find, should not be under-estimated.

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