The Keystone Speculator’s HOUSING MARKETPLACE Indicator signals the beginning of a real estate recession. 7 years and 5 weeks ago, on 2/16/12, Keystone called the housing market recovery. The homebuilders had gapped lower and housing marketplace doom and gloom was rampant. Many believed the housing market would recover following the 2008-2009 financial crisis ever. Before the dawn Of course it is always darkest. Traders thought Keystone was smokin’ something with such a bold call back then but that is exactly what his proprietary data showed. In a few brief weeks, the XHB homebuilder ETF acquired recovered and analysts were beginning to step aboard Keystone’s housing marketplace bandwagon as it rode through town.

The housing recession now starts, on 7/17/19, after a long 7-year-plus recovery. The only caveat would be to watch the casing data over another two months for confirmation, or simply non-confirmation (confirmation of the reversal of the craze would be likely to keep). In early 2012, when the indication flipped bullish, indicating the casing recovery had started, that change occurred on the dime and the indicator never appeared back again, so the same may occur as the housing recession now begins.

A jog move of a couple of more in a few months with the info would not be unexpected, however the writing is on the wall structure. If the housing permits Even, begins and other data would catapult higher in earnest, it’ll likely not be enough to invert Keystone’s indicator. For instance, the next release of Housing Starts would have to sign-up 1.7 million units and higher to avoid a real estate recession and that’s not going to occur. We are going into Fall in 3 briefs a few months in the northern hemisphere not exactly the time to be breaking the surface on new houses and apartment buildings. Interestingly, the final end game is probable approaching for the corrupt global central bankers.

Markets can only be good for so long with easy money. All financial systems and government authorities throughout history typically fail to follow the 200 to 250-calendar-year mark. This occurs because humans are corrupt and greedy animals. The other significant problem is that transparency in government and with companies does not exist no matter how much it is touted and cheered by the criminal politicians and CEO’s.

The rich hide their nefarious efforts easily. It is great to be rich and in control. Housing and autos will be the two major components of the overall economy. Peak Auto has likely occurred and with the real estate recession now starting, the near future looks bleak. Overall financial recession will probably begin this year or early next, which will kick off a class battle in the United States.

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If you are a young person, think long and hard about any long position you own in the stock market. A couple of years perhaps one-half or even more of your capital You’ll likely lose cash over another. Chances are wiser to simply sit from the stock market for another year or so and see what happens.

2.6%. Recognize that buying the stock market now is comparable to picking up nickels before a bulldozer. Sure, you might see a few more percent of upside, but is that worth the chance of seeing the downside at -20% to -80% over another few years for your capital?