College and career readiness was popularized in 2009 2009 under the Obama administration’s Race-to-the-Top initiative which is what fuels the Common Core Standards. Profession and University readiness is the directive under which most government schools have been operating since then. The problem is that honoring, respecting, and preparing our nation for university and career readiness leaves two-thirds of our nation’s adults (according to the most recent census bureau statistics) as outcasts. Unworthy. Disrespected. Significantly less than.

Most of the era of parents who elevated us and the parents of our students did not graduate university. The university and profession readiness mantra is a continuous reminder they have failed in some way even if they did not feel just like failures before. Not only that, today has become devalued but the college degree.

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Data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York shows that the underemployment rate for recent university grads was 43.5 percent. A written report released by the Pew Research Center found that only 46 percent of used Millennials believe their education was very useful in planning them for a job or career. The dependence on college clearly is not keeping up with workforce demands. If not college, then what?

It is vital to connect to customers. The broader the customer base the greater important it is to divide your visitors into different target groupings. Each customer group has specific needs. By anticipating the customer needs, the business invests in different customers. A good service shall ensure good and steady customer associations which will be made certain in the future. An organization deals with communications, sales, and distribution channels. It is not only about customer contact and how a business communicates with their customers. The purchase location and the delivery of the merchandise and/or services provided are decisive elements in this.

Channels to customers have five different levels: knowing of the product, purchase, delivery, evaluation& satisfaction and after sales. In order to make good use of the stations and to reach as many customers as possible, it is recommended to mix off-line (shops) and online (web shops) channels. As organizations often provide services to several customer group, it makes sense to separate them into customer segments. By determining the precise needs and requirements of each mixed group and which value they attach to this, products can be better geared towards these needs and requirements.

This will lead to greater customer satisfaction, which in turn will contribute to a good value proposition. By gaining an insight into the cost structure, a business will know very well what the minimum turnover must be to produce a profit. The cost structure considers economies of scale, constant and adjustable profit and costs advantages. When it’s apparent that more investments must be produced than the business is producing in revenue, the costs should be adjusted.

Often a business will opt for deleting lots of key resources. As well as the cost structure, the revenue streams shall provide a clear insight into the income model of an organization. For example, just how many customers does a business need on an annual basis to generate a profit?

How much revenue does it need to break even? The revenue channels are cost drivers. In addition to the revenue from the sale of goods, subscription fees, lease income, licensing, sponsoring, and advertising may be an option. All members of the management team can make excellent contributions to the business model canvas.

By fleshing out the business model canvas on a large sheet of paper, the known associates can enjoy brainstorming sessions with one another, take into account the tone of voice and categories their opinions. This will generate a good and objective image of the business and any new ideas can be discussed immediately and perhaps be developed concretely. What do you think? Is the Business Model Canvas suitable in today’s modern overall economy and business?