We reside in a new era. Political correctness has run amok! Suddenly huge multitudes of the populace will be ready to be offended and cry they are a victim. Even apparently safe jokes can explode on public media and lead to contrite apologies and shattered professions. Unless this trend implodes I could foresee each day in which you will see no more operate comics. Every joke is making fun of someone or something! To query “Why did the chicken cross the road?” may be demeaning to chicken and will likely offend a person who will not eat chicken. In this explosive climate I decided to revise an old blog on Fitness Trainers and humor.

It is often said that humor is an excellent thing to have at work. Having fun may take the edge from the tension. A lighthearted workplace can actually be an enjoyable spot to work. A joyless workplace can be uninviting! I’ve worked in places where my coworkers were deceased serious always.

I was employed by in other areas where joking around was common. I much prefer the last-mentioned environment. However, in the fitness business as in every workplace, the incorrect type of laughter at the wrong time can be considered a lit dynamite stay of grief. It could even get you fired! When you have your own Fitness Training business such trouble can harm your reputation and in the worst scenario can invite a harassment complaint. Training can be hard! Muscle fatigue and anaerobic intensity can cause brief discomfort.

Some clients may be uptight about working out or they could feel unpleasant around fit people. I want to make the workout experience pleasurable for my clients even if the workout is challenging. Enjoyment heightens the dedication. Nonetheless it is important to build up a knack for reading your client. Some individuals just don’t possess a feeling of laughter.

They may feel that you are not a serious person if you joke around. They may even get annoyed. Fitness trainers often deal with people that have a poor body image and other issues. Something said in jest may unintentionally offend them. Your client may not be utilized to your beer league hockey or rugby fest tradition of locker room irreverence.

They could find it shocking and revolting. Someone nearby may overhear something that you say to your client. Beware of that rare person looking to make an example of someone by complaining. Don’t put yourself in a position to be their target! I am not stating that a Fitness Trainer can’t joking around. I am saying, know your client well! One of my very long time clients were of biblical religious beliefs historically older than mine.

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I would get him to the anaerobic pain threshold on the stationary bike. The usual quip was that I would lower the intensity if he converted. This customer was known by me well! With another person such a tale could well have been a career breaker. This will depend upon the environment also.

What flies in a hard-core musclehead weight room environment could well lead to big-time trouble in a far more civilized exercise environment. Humor that offends may be labeled as ‘unacceptable’. The problem is that many people are very easily offended. Minimize your likelihood of engaging in trouble with such people.