Every business encounters slower periods. For some, they sell more during the Christmas season while others move at a snail pace. Some sell more during the others and summer months less. The key has been aware of your seasons and alternatives open to solve the challenge and change the results. All businesses need down time, breathing room to re-evaluate where we’re going, and where we have been.

What’s working and what’s not? What changes need that occurs and where we want to go in the foreseeable future? Year Have you planned your respiration room time into the calendar? As being a coach and independent professional, I know by personal experience and through the feedback of my clients, that during the slow times, stress, fears, and challenges about how to settle the bills increases.

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Sometimes, stress raises without any money factors because we’re not used to having additional time on our hands, so our brain manifests things to fill up the void. So, what exactly are the alternatives? You can use the “save for a rainy day” idea by moving a certain percentage from a normal account to a money market or savings account for those rainy schedules.

You can map out, on a paper calendar your seasonal periods. Look at your Income Declaration for the past few years and you shall see a pattern appearing. If that history isn’t available, ask others in your field area. As a trainer, I’m in the personal development field. I’d contact others in this field, like audio speakers, trainers, who have experience and history and interview them on the question.

After you review your historical financial information, keep in mind that future economic conditions will influence your seasonal plans. This requires a strategy on who and what you will use for financial indicator flags. This may require a financial planner, economist, or other professional on your support team.

Reading the paper or viewing the news headlines is all well and good, however, it can add to the dilemma also. Way too many cooks in your kitchen syndrome. Choose one or two cooks and ask others to leave the kitchen. Remember, there are different seasons all over the global world. When its summer in America, there’s a different season in Japan and Australia.

If your marketing vicinity is global, you will need to carefully plan your month’s very. Each requires different marketing strategies and procedures. When marketing in the U.S. Especially if you are in the bathing suit business. If your business is strictly local, you can create additional products or services that are only going to be available during that season.