Mr. Hari Kamat exists and bought up in Goa. He completed his B. Com. S. S. Dempe University of Arts and Commerce, Goa in the year 1980. He could be Chairman’s Club Member of LIC for last 19 years. He could be granted ALL INDIA TOPPER by UTI Mutual Fund also.

He is honored this season on ‘World Thrift Day’ by the State Govt. Goa. He has went to the Million Dollar Circular Table Meeting at USA also, by LIC. “At the age of 18 years, in 1977 my uncle launched me to Post office recurring deposits after i was a business student. I was working in a private business but always acquired a wish to work separately. Gradually I developed an interest in guiding people in investments. In 1983, I finally quitted my job and joined this profession as a full time with a small office at Panaji, Goa.

I worked well for postoffice but in 1983 I got a company of Unit Trust of India. “Among the major hurdles that were confronted by me was transport facility. “Well, I believe that this profession demands time it should be done full time hence. “I did not face any difficulty to convince people as I had managed around 4500 PPF accounts which had helped me to build trust.

If you have right knowledge and product, people support you. It is necessary to develop trust, confidence and good romantic relationship with your clients along with improved technology and good service. “Once we see the rapidly growing Mutual Fund industry, lots of avenues can be purchased in savings. It is necessary to take guidance to select the right product as per their needs and risk taking capability which only a practiced professional IFA can advice as an IFA understands the person’s family and financial background better. Also any Mutual Fund employee would recommend their product whereas an IFA can suggest more reliable scheme or product among several Mutual Fund products.

“Basically for shorter time horizon I would recommend liquid and balanced funds where for longer time horizon I suggest equity based schemes. “Once I had formed attended a wedding of 1 of my client’s child. The client introduced me to his son-in-law by saying that he could be the individual because of whom this wedding has been possible. “The day when I was declared as ALL INDIA TOPPER by UTI Mutual Fund made me feel very happy.

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The hard part for regulators is searching for the foundation of the negative news, to start with. Have you ever seen a post on Instagram or Twitter that seemingly predicted a move for several cent shares? It’s usually follow-up by another post that boasts about the “prediction”. People often fall for the Guru Scam since it is easy to trick people into believing they’ll become rich if they spend money on said get-rich-quick schemes from false advertisements.

It is important not to fall for the individual who promises a success if one invests in a “one-time” low sum. I can’t stress this enough: always research your facts. If you lose out on a short term move Even, you also avoid a possibly long-term decline. Also, there is another one “always.” Which means that because you missed from one stock doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty more down the road.

Also, keep in mind that penny stocks aren’t just a US or North American “thing. ” Offshore Scams may also be very successful because companies can operate outside the U.S. They have little to no guidelines since they need not register their stocks. Penny Stock scammers will sell the stock to investors in america at an inflated price.

Since these shares are unregistered, the companies’ stocks and shares drop and Penny Stock scammers can make big money leaving investors in america holding a bag of worthless stock. ALWAYS RESEARCH YOUR FACTS! A way to be a much better trader and steer clear of scams is usually to be in a position to read chart patterns and carry out comprehensive research.