Editor’s be aware: This column addresses IRS guidelines governing the taxes deductibility of gifts stated as business expenditures. The holidays here are. This means it’s time for gift giving. Giving presents to clients and business affiliates are a great way to create good will. But can holiday gift giving general tax deductions also?

Yes, but at the mercy of severe limits. Per season 25 per person. 25 limits are not deductible. If this amount seems low awfully, that’s because it was set up in 1954! A gift to a member of a client’s family is treated as a gift to the client, unless you have the best nonbusiness link with the relative. If you as well as your spouse both give gifts, you are treated as one taxpayer – it doesn’t matter if you work together or have separate businesses.

25 limit is applicable only to presents to individuals. Such company-wide gifts are deductible in virtually any amount, as long as they are fair. 100 cheese baskets at the company’s reception area for most of Acme’s employees. He delivers an identical basket to Acme’s president also. 25 limit. The basket for Acme’s president is a personal present and is subject to the limit therefore. There is a special twist if you gift a client with entertainment tickets, such as tickets to a football game.

If you don’t go to the function with the client, the option is had by you of treating the tickets as a gift or as an entertainment expense. 25 are completely deductible, while entertainment expenses are only 50 percent deductible. 50, you get a bigger deduction if you treat them as a gift. If they cost more, treat them as an entertainment expense. 100. You supply the solution to a client but don’t go to the overall game yourself. 25 of the expense.

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