The pill, Contrave, is a combination of two medication which are already permitted, naltrexone and bupropion. Naltrexone is used to treat alcohol and narcotic dependence. Bupropion is an antidepressant also used to help individuals give up smoking. Contrave joins two related medicine from Arena Pharmaceuticals and Vivus Inc. which FDA approved in 2012 after a 13-year drought of latest prescription weight-loss medicines. 1 billion in annual sales, considering that more than one-third of all U.S.

But sales of Vivus’ Qsymia and Arena’s Belviq have been far below expectations due to limited insurance coverage and excessive out-of-pocket prices for patients. Dr. Ronald Tamler of Mount Sinai Hospital’s diabetes middle says he prescribes weight loss medicine solely when patients have didn’t drop some weight by means of lifestyle modifications.

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Even then, he says insurers are reluctant to cowl the medications. Contrave was developed by Orexigen Therapeutics Inc., primarily based in La Jolla, California. The Food and Drug Administration stated Thursday that it’s accepted for use by people who’ve a physique mass index of 30 or higher, which is the level at which people are thought of to be obese. It’s also accepted for use by individuals with a BMI of 27 or greater who even have a weight-related medical condition akin to diabetes. The agency authorised the drug to be used in combination with a decreased-calorie eating regimen and exercise. Experts say patients have to have lifelike expectations about how much weight they’ll lose by taking a pill.

Patients on Contrave for a year lost 4.2 percent extra weight than patients taking a dummy pill. That compares with weight loss between three % and 3.7 % for Belviq and 6.7 p.c to 8.9 p.c for Qsymia, each additionally measured against placebo. Drug-induced weight loss is much smaller than that seen with surgical procedures, reminiscent of gastric bypass, which can produce a 25 % to 30 percent drop in weight, on average.

Doctors who deal with obesity say they use medicine like Contrave as an opportunity to coach patients on choosing a healthier, low-calorie food regimen. Contrave could have a boxed warning about the chance of suicidal thoughts associated with antidepressants like Bupropion. Experts caution that probably harmful drug interactions are a risk with the brand new generation of weight-loss medicine.

Additional Contrave risks embrace the potential for seizures, in addition to increased blood pressure and heart charges. The center results created an extended street to approval for Contrave. The FDA refused to approve the drug in 2011, citing cardiovascular dangers. Orexigen resubmitted its utility to regulators in December, saying that the drug fared effectively in an early evaluation of a study designed to rule out extreme cardiovascular danger. Contrave will have an uphill battle within the U.S. 9.9 million in Belviq sales. Contrave will be distributed in the U.S. Japanese drugmaker Takeda Pharmaceuticals, which can pay Orexigen royalties on gross sales. Orexigen and Takeda plan to start selling the drug this fall. 5.39 in trading. All rights reserved.

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