You know that you’re going to need more than a checking account or CD to build your wealth, but what if you are unpleasant with playing the stock market or buying high-risk options? Despite popular belief, the stock market isn’t the only investment you may make to increase your wealth. These four types of investments are things anyone can do – even without reading the Investing for Dummies.

One of the best ways to build continual income is to become a landlord. That’s right. Buy a homely house, business property, or multi-family living unit, and rent it out. Coping with renters can be challenging at times, but for the most part, hiring out property can be a steady income source. Plus, with very few exceptions, your property and land will will have value if you want to liquidate your assets. I also prefer to think of rental property as an investment opportunity that doesn’t goes away. Tomorrow If the stock market were to crash, your portfolio would suffer.

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However, your rental property would likely remain unaffected because your tenants would still need a accepted place to live. In fact, if the economy were to take a hit, like it did in 2008, more people would have no choice but into renting, putting you in an advantageous spot. If you are interested in buying property, then it is important to remember that this investment strategy is not just a get rich quickly scheme.

You must think of your property as a long-term game. It could be years before the thing is profit on your investment, since it takes time for you to pay them off. However, once you own it free and clear, the monthly lease is a nice income bonus. Not persuaded to become a landlord Still? While keeping track of tenants isn’t for everyone, give up on buying real estate at this time don’t. Real estate investment trusts (REITs) allow one to invest in properties without actually having to buy or manage the house itself.

With REITs, real property is managed and financed through others. Your investment switches into a profile of several different real estate property which then provide a share in virtually any income gained through the properties. Investing in yourself is not just some trendy excuse for a spa day and extra vacation time. One of the best investments you can make is in yourself, through knowledge and health especially. If you don’t continually improve about how you work, how you communicate, and how you manage money, you can’t expect an increased paying job then, additional money in your checking account, or the full life you desire.

Furthermore, if you don’t spend money on yourself through healthy eating actually, exercise, and good habits, your poor lifestyle options are going to end up costing you quite a little when they catch up to you. Buying yourself can cost as little as a period investment, such as working for 30-minutes every morning.

Many times, it shall cost you money to invest in books, courses, classes, and meetings that expand your mindset and skills. You might even spend money on courses that teach you ways to get work-from-home jobs that enable you to earn more money doing something you like rather than toiling away at a desk job you hate.

Don’t underestimate how valuable investing in yourself can be. Another motivational loudspeaker and author says, “Invest three percent of your earnings in yourself to assure your future.” How does this ongoing work? Peer-to-Peer lending platforms can connect borrowers to investors for faster and more affordable finance options. Within the investor side, this means you can make investments your cash into a P2P system.