Ballard Power Systems Inc. . I really do not own this stock of Ballard Power Systems Inc. (TSX-BLDP, NASDAQ-BLDP), but I used to. Back in 1997, I find out about Ballard and fell in love with the idea of cars working with gasoline cells. I could help save the surroundings and also make some money. It had been very attractive.

I sold this stock in 2006 since it experienced lost its attraction. It did not appear that Ballard fuel cells would be in any motor car anytime soon. I had been in 2000 ahead, however the stock began to fall in October 2000 and never recovered. WHILE I was updating my spreadsheet, I noticed that the corporation is not earning any revenue still. Analysts keep putting off when the first positive earnings can look. This stock will pay not dividends and it has never. All the debt ratios because of this company are good.

The Total Return per 12 months is show below for a long time of 5 to 22. Under the Capital Gain column is the part of the Total Return attributable to capital gains. Under the Dividend column is the part of the Total Return attributable to dividends. It appears like this stock is generating some capital increases for the shareholders presently. For long term holders there yet is not happy story.

Years Div. Gth Tot Ret Cap Gain Div. The 5 year low, median, and high median Price/Earnings per Share Ratios are -9.22, -18.87 and -29.90. You can not do that test with negative P/E Ratios. Since there are lots of earning losses this isn’t a good test for this stock.

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However, this test does suggest that the stock price is relatively expensive. The current P/B Ratio is some 148% above the 10 year median ratio. This test will suggest that the stock price is expensive relatively. The current P/S Ratio is some 59% greater than the 10 year ratio. This test does claim that the stock price is relatively expensive.

When I take a look at analysts’ suggestions I find Buy (1) and Hold (2). The consensus suggestion would be a Hold. This implies a total loss of 23.24% all of which is a capital reduction. Jayson Maclean on Can Tech feels that Ballard should pivot to ships. In this article the ongoing company on News Wire talk about acquiring assets from AFCC. Peter Kolinski on What’s on Thorold talks about recent analysts recommendations with this stock. Maxx Chatsko of Motley Fool will not believe in this stock. Analysts on Stock Run after are not either impressed with this stock.

Ballard Power Systems Inc is engaged in the design, development, produce, sale, and service of proton exchange membrane gas cell products for a number of applications, focusing on commercial stage and development stage markets. The next stock I’ll write will be Loblaw Companies Ltd about. Tuesday, August 07, 2018 around 5 pm.

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